Schily's USER COMMANDS                                sccs-cvt(1)


     sccs-cvt, sccscvt - convert SCCS history files between v4/v6


     sccscvt [ options ] file1 .. filen


     Sccscvt converts SCCS v4 history  files  (as  introduced  in
     February  1977) into SCCS v6 history files (as introduced in
     August 2011) and vice versa.

     The first line, containing the SCCS  magic  number  and  the
     checksum is converted to the format that is appropriate. The
     time format in the delta table is converted by either remov-
     ing  the  SCCS v6 extensions or by adding time zone informa-
     tion by assuming that all time stamps  are  from  the  local
     time  zone.  When  converting  from  SCCS v6 to SCCS v4, the
     enhanced time stamp data is retained as the first delta com-
     ment line in a delta block.

     SID specific SCCS v6 enhancements are converted into special
     delta comment to prevent information loss when converting to
     SCCS v4.

     The SCCS v6 enhancements that are between the SCCS v4  flags
     indicated  by  ^Af and the SCCS comment block that is brack-
     eted between ^At and ^AT are untouched as these enhancements
     are  not  flagged  by historic SCCS versions and retained by
     historic SCCS versions when a history file is modified.

     If a file argument refers to a directory, the  directory  is
     scanned  for  file names that start with ``s.'' and examines
     all these files.


     -d   When converting from SCCS v6 to  SCCS v4,  discard  the
          extended  SCCS v6  meta  data  instead of converting it
          into special degenerated delta comments.


          Keep the original history file as  o.file.   When  this
          option is missing, the original file is replaced by the
          converted file.

     -V4  Convert a SCCS v6 history file into a  SCCS v4  history

     -V6  Convert a SCCS v4 history file into a  SCCS v6  history

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Schily's USER COMMANDS                                sccs-cvt(1)

          Prints a short  summary  of  the  sccscvt  options  and


          Prints the sccscvt version number string and exists.


     See environ(5) for descriptions of the following environment
     variables  that  affect  the execution of sccscvt(1):  LANG,

          If set, sccscvt(1) will not automatically call  help(1)
          with the SCCS error code in order to print a more help-
          ful error message. Scripts that  depend  on  the  exact
          error messages of SCCS commands should set the environ-
          ment variable SCCS_NO_HELP and set LC_ALL=C.

     TZ   Used for the timezone when converting  between  SCCS v4
          and SCCS v6.


     The following exit values are returned:

     0    Successful completion.

     1    An error occurred.

     -1   A wrong option or parameter was specified.


          history file

          saved original version of the history file

          temporary copy of the s.file;  renamed  to  the  s.file

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Schily's USER COMMANDS                                sccs-cvt(1)

          after completion.

          temporary lock file contains the binary process  id  in
          host byte order followed by the host name


     sccs(1),    sccs-admin(1),    sccs-cdc(1),     sccs-comb(1),
     sccs-delta(1),   sccs-get(1),   sccs-help(1),   sccs-log(1),
     sccs-prs(1),   sccs-prt(1),   sccs-rmdel(1),   sccs-sact(1),
     sccs-sccsdiff(1),   sccs-unget(1),   sccs-val(1),  bdiff(1),
     diff(1),     what(1),     sccschangeset(4),     sccsfile(4),
     attributes(5), environ(5), standards(5).



     If a SCCS history file is converted from SCCS v4 to  SCCS v6
     and  there  is  no retained SCCS v6 timestamp information in
     the delta comment, it may be a good idea to manually correct
     time zone information.



     sccscvt(1) was origininally written by  Joerg  Schilling  in
     2011 and is still maintained by Joerg Schilling.

Joerg Schilling      Last change: 2015/10/19                    3

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